Penalty Fares, Stations & Map

Penalty Fares explained

We operate a Penalty Fare scheme across the network, and this means that anyone travelling without a valid ticket is likely to face a charge. To avoid a penalty fare, we advise all customers to buy tickets before travelling, as many stations now fall within the penalty fare zone, meaning tickets cannot be bought on board the train.


How to buy tickets

There are many ways to buy tickets. You can buy them online in advance at, at the station Ticket Office or from a Ticket Vending Machine. If you are travelling from a Penalty Fare station on an East Midlands Trains Service and you are unable to produce a valid ticket, you may be liable to pay a Penalty Fare.


How the penalty fare is calculated

A Penalty Fare is a charge issued to anyone travelling without a valid ticket.  The Penalty Fare is £20 or double the single Anytime fare to the next station stop – whichever is the greater amount.


Penalty fare zone

Some smaller stations on our network have no ticket office. In these cases, when travelling from these stations, we do allow customers to buy tickets on the train. Our Network Map shows which stations are not included in the penalty fare scheme.

Read full details about the Penalty Fare scheme here