Tips for Travelling to the Airport by Train

Preparing for your holiday can be both exciting and stressful, while you can’t wait to get your holiday started there’s a lot of preparation that needs to be done first to make sure your holiday goes smoothly.  So to help you get your holiday off to a great start, just follow a few of our simple tips:

1. Leave plenty of time

Allowing plenty of time for your travel can play a key part in reducing the stress of the start of your holiday.  So when you’re choosing which train to catch to the airport, make sure that you are allowing yourself sufficient time to get from the train station to the airport, allowing for any unforeseen delays that could occur.  You can check for live service disruption before you travel on Twitter at @EMTrains.

2. Use the luggage storage 

Having your luggage stacked up around you next to your seat on the train can make you feel as though you are imprisoned within your seat and leave people standing unnecessarily.  Make use of the luggage storage areas available on the train, including the luggage storage areas at the end of each carriage, overhead luggage space and space underneath your seat.  Wherever you choose you to store your luggage, make sure to keep an eye on your belongings during your journey.  Don’t forget that luggage is limited to two large items (e.g. suitcases and rucksacks) and one small item such as a briefcase or handbag.

3. Use luggage with wheels

Carrying your luggage can be difficult, particularly if you have multiple bags, make your journey easier and select luggage with wheels if possible.

4. Pack Smartly

If you know that there is something that you will need to take out of your luggage during your train journey make sure to pack this at the top of your luggage, so it’s easily accessible and you can avoid having to unpack your suitcase in front of your fellow passengers!