Train time = Me time

The average motorist spends 3 years of their life driving*

And we think that’s a-wastin’-time.

We’ve made it our mission to inspire you to get creative with your commuting time. When you travel by train, you open up a world of possibilities. Give up the driving and take control back.

By making a few simple changes, we think there are some sneaky ways you can turn train time into me-time. Easy.

Blossom into a social butterfly

When you’re stuck in traffic, you’re at risk of missing out on gossip in the group chat. But when you choose the train: the world is at your fingertips.

Spend your journey chatting with friends on Whatsapp, responding to those LinkedIn requests or even treat yourself to some cheeky online shopping. Explore the world of online dating and set up your first date. Become the office news guru by being in the know with all the latest headlines before you even get to work.

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Become a bookworm

If you commute by train, you could get through 52 books a year. Yep, that’s one a week.

Need a little inspiration on what to pop in your bag? Take a look at Waterstones book of the month - you’ll be spoilt for choice for creepy thrillers and dreamy romances to get lost in. 

Be warned: this may result in you becoming a compulsive page turner.

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Master a new skill

Think of all those New Year's resolutions that fell by the wayside. Does anyone even make it through January?

Travelling by train allows you to do more. If you fancy becoming fluent in French or want to master meditation, give it a go on your next journey.

What talent would you love to learn, if only you had the time?

  • Learn a new language - brush up on your school Spanish or try your hand at Mandarin
  • Try meditating and shake off your distractions
  • Sign up for an online FutureLearn short course
  • Download an adult learning app 
  • Start a blog and record your progress
  • Brush up on your photography - it's amazing what you can snap from a train window
  • Start a bullet journal and become a productivity ninja
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Tune out by tuning in

The train is the perfect place to pop in your headphones, so why not create the perfect soundtrack to your journey? 

If you're looking for some inspiration, give our playlist a try on Spotify - just press play or login to listen.

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Get time back for you, book now

Share your travel song suggestions to wincompetition

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Source: Sheila's Wheels 2011