Travelling with East Midlands Trains


About East Midlands Trains

East Midlands Trains are part of Stagecoach Group, serving passengers travelling to and from London, from South Yorkshire and through the East Midlands. In this section you can find out about our company successes and aims as well as our social and environmental responsibility

About East Midlands Trains


Our Network & Route Map

We operate two types of services: long distance services to and from London St Pancras and our regional services. Our regional services link the towns and cities of the East Midlands, plus Central and Northern England

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Popular Destinations

Take a look at the most popular destinations on our network and explore what makes these city and countryside locations so popular.

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On Board Our Trains

On our London trains we offer a First and Standard Class service. First Class is available on trains to and from London, with complimentary WiFi and at-seat refreshments during weekdays. In Standard Class on services to and from London, WiFi is available from just £4 and refreshments are available from a trolley during the week. We operate a Standard Class service on our regional train routes with refreshments available on selected services. 

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Train time = Me time

Catch up on social, emails and more while you commute.

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Travel Inspiration: Christmas and New Year

Festival fever is coming to Nottingham this October. More than 20 festival and major events will be taking place throughout the month, including a celebration in the city's caves.

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Accessibility & Assistance

We want to ensure that travelling with us is a straightforward and comfortable experience for everyone, offering help and assistance when needed. We can help you through every stage of your journey.

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Bicycle facilities on our Trains

Cycling is a great way to travel to and from our stations, thanks to the environment and health benefits.  Find out more about storing your cycle at one of our stations - including our new Cycle Hubs, carrying your cycle on board one of our trains and tips on travelling with your cycle.

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Luggage & Pets

You can carry up to three items of luggage on your journey. If you are carrying pets, use an animal carrier where possible. For cycles, you need to book 48 hours in advance.  Folding cycles may be carried in the storage racks.

Travelling with cycles, pets, or luggage


Lend a Helping Hand

At some of our stations over the next few months you may notice the Network Rail mascot Helping Hand.  Helping Hand will be out and about to remind you of the little ways that you can help others and yourself to avoid platform related accidents at our stations and other stations across the country.

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Park & Ride

Park you car at the station and travel by train. Buy a combined Park & Ride ticket when travelling to make super savings.

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