How to Use Printed Timetables

Ever tried looking up a train time in one of our printed timetables and found it too confusing? It's easy to look at the wrong day, direction or simply find it difficult to figure out the arrival and departure times. Which is why we've put together a handy guide to using our timetables, simply read the below points and use our handy diagram below.


Step 1: Select your direction of travel, e.g. Northbound or Southbound.

Step 2: Select the day of the week you are planning to travel on.

Step 3: Select which station you would like to travel from 

Step 4: Follow the row on your departure station to the right to find a convenient time to travel.

Step 5: Follow the column of your chosen departure time down until, using the station list on the left, you find your chosen destination.

You now have your departure time and arrival time. Enjoy your journey!

A few little tips...

Selected station have two rows on the timetable?

If your selected station has two rows, one with the letter "a" and a second containing the letter "d", these stand for arrival time into the station and departure time from the station. Some of our services stand on the platform for a few minutes prior to departing - all the more time to find a seat before departure!

Confused which ticket type you will need for your journey?

You can use the colours of our timetable to determine which ticket type you will need:

Background Colour Ticket Type 
Pink Only an Anytime ticket is valid for this service.
Blue An Anytime ticket or Off-Peak ticket is valid for this service.
White An Anytime ticket, Off-Peak ticket or Super Off-Peak ticket is valid for this service. 

Advance tickets may also be available for your journey, these must be purchased at least one day before travel and will be valid for your selected journey only.

Want to know what catering is available on your train?

To find out about catering on board your service you can follow the column of your chosen departure time to the top of the column and using the symbol, determine the catering facilities on board with our handy key on each page. If there is not a symbol at the top of your column a catering service will not be provided on board your selected train.