Season Train Tickets

Our Season Tickets are available on all East Midlands Trains routes and are available for seven days, one month or as an annual ticket.  All Season Tickets are valid for travel on any day and any train within your validity period, so for monthly or annual tickets that includes weekends too.

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Season Ticket Booking Tool

Monthly and annual Season Tickets are available to buy online. Using the tool to the right, simply enter your journey and the length of time you would like your season ticket to be valid for.

Alternatively you can use the Season Ticket Booking Tool to compare the price of monthly season tickets against annual season tickets - simply leave the end date black to compare.

First Class and Standard Class Season Tickets

Our season tickets can be bought for both First Class and Standard Class travel.  If you choose to travel by First Class, you will be able to make the most of our spacious seats, free WiFi and a complimentary breakfast on certain weekday services.

Please note that First Class is not available on all routes.

Travelling To London with a Season Ticket

For journeys to London you can add on a London Underground ticket, making managing your ticket easier.  To add London Underground travel to the purchase of your Season Ticket, just select a ticket with “London Zones 1 – 6.”

EMT Perks

If you're an annual Season Ticket holder you can also enjoy EMT Perks. Giving you access to special tickets, competitions and exclusive offers, all by just signing up.

Find out more about EMT Perks

Mums to be

We like to take extra care of our Season Ticket holders; if you’re a mum-to-be with a Standard Class Season Ticket valid for one month or more, and have received your MAT B1 form, we’ll happily provide you with a complimentary Mums to Be Pass.

What Is A Mums to Be Pass?

A Mums to Be Pass guarantees you a seat in First Class if none are available in Standard Class, ensuring that you can sit and enjoy your train journey in total comfort.  What’s more, you can also take advantage of our complimentary refreshments and nibbles!

Please note that First Class is not available on all routes.

Am I Eligible for a Mums to Be Pass?

If you’re more than 20 weeks pregnant, have received your MAT B1 form and your Standard Class Season Ticket is valid for one month or more, you are entitled to apply for one of our Mums to Be Passes. 

How to Apply

You can apply for a Mums to Be Pass by contacting our Customer Service Centre via post, email or via our online Contact Form and providing all of the following details:

  • A copy of your MAT B1 form (this will be supplied by your midwife or doctor at approximately 20 weeks into your pregnancy and is essential to your application)
  • A copy of your current Season Ticket
  • Full name
  • Home Address
  • Season Ticket number
  • Photocard number
  • Season Ticket Expiry Date
  • Daytime telephone number

Mums to Be Passes are valid on East Midlands Trains only.  For full terms and conditions of the Mums to Be First Class upgrade, please take a moment to read the reverse of your upgrade ticket once issued.

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