Advance Train Tickets

If you really want to nab a bargain, then plan ahead. Advance tickets cover a one-way journey and (as the name suggests) you need to buy them before you travel. But you've got to be quick, as we only have a limited number of them available.

You can book as far as 12 weeks before you travel. Generally speaking, the earlier you book, the cheaper the tickets are in both First and Standard Class.

Find out more about ticket availability dates.

Our Advance tickets are available on our London route and Liverpool to Norwich services. 

Oh and always make sure you travel from the station (or stations) and at specific times that are on your ticket. Easy. 

Getting your pennies back

If you need to amend your travel times, there’s a £10 admin fee plus any difference in the ticket price you are changing to. Just nip to the Ticket Office and they’ll sort it out for you. 

You can’t get a refund on an Advance ticket, unless your train is cancelled or delayed or your seat reservation isn’t available and you decide not to travel. In this case get in touch with the details and we’ll refund your unused ticket.

Find out more about refunds.

Don’t panic if you do get delayed, an Advance ticket will let you hop on the next available train(s) to finish your trip. If your journey is delayed by over 30 minutes, you can clam compensation through our Delay Repay scheme.

A few things to remember

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to travel; if you miss the train you’ve booked on you’ll have to buy a new ticket. 

If you’ve used a Railcard to buy an Advance ticket, take it with you when you travel. If you don’t have it with you on the train, you’ll have to buy a new ticket without the discount. (although, the first time you forget we’ll let you claim any additional costs back). 

More reading (if you need it)

For full terms and conditions for Advance tickets, head over to National Rail.