Save with a 16-25 Railcard

Savings depicted by having a 16-25 Railcard are based upon the average saving made by a 16-25 Railcard holder during 2013/14.  

Calculations for number of purchases the saving could buy you are based upon:

  • A Cheeseburger price of 99p.
  • A medium Latte purchased at £2.45.
  • The average pint of beer in Britain costing £3.31 in September 2014.
  • Based on average price for a bottle of wine at £5.27 during 2014.
  • Based on student cinema ticket price of £6.90 based on peak times.
  • Based on large pizza costing £16.99.
  • Based on a fancy dress costume price of £19.99.
  • Based on university owned halls of residence as per NUS survey cost 2012/13.
  • Based on a tablet computer for £179.