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Our Business Travel tool is ideal for small to medium-sized firms that have staff who travel frequently, but don’t require full travel management services on a national or global scale.

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If you are a business who needs help or advice on managing your train travel more effectively, we're here to help.

Setting up a Business Train Travel Account - How it works 



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Journeys to and from London

Train journeys into London St Pancras station are fast, punctual and comfortable with East Midlands Trains. We offer Standard Class and First Class train tickets and, whichever you choose, you’ll enjoy spacious seating, a table to work at (by reservation in Standard) and WiFi is available on board all trains.

First Class on routes to and from London St Pancras

First Class offers you the comfort to relax on your journey, or make the most of the quiet time to work. In addition to the comfy, spacious carriages, we also offer complimentary drinks and at seat dining on weekdays. Travel on one of our selected early morning weekday trains and enjoy our freshly prepared breakfast, served at your seat by our dedicated First Class hosts. You can also enjoy relax or use the WiFi in our First Class lounges at stations.

During your journey on weekday services, you will be offered the following:

  • Tea and freshly brewed filter coffee
  • Complimentary biscuits and individually wrapped bite-sized snacks
  • Premium fruit juice, still or sparkling water
  • A glass of red or white wine on selected afternoon services

See more of what you can expect on our First Class tickets to London page.

Popular business tickets to London St Pancras Station

You can buy all of these tickets at any time before travel and can change your choice of train on the day of travel if required. Outward and return travel must be within one calendar month. All tickets are refundable subject to admin fees.


First Plus Parking

Standard Plus Parking

Anytime First or Standard Class

Off Peak First or Standard Class

Super Off Peak Standard Class







Car Parking

Three days

24 hours parking




London Underground Travel

Available as an add on

Available as an add on

Available as an add on

Available as an add on

Available as an add on

When can I travel?

Outward and return journeys to be within 1 calendar month

Outward and return journeys to be within 1 calendar month

Outward journey to be within 5 days, return journey to be within 1 calendar month

Outward journey on date specified on ticket (time restrictions apply), return journey within 1 calendar month (time restrictions apply)

Outward journey on date specified on ticket (time restrictions apply), return journey within 1 calendar month (time restrictions apply)

Which trains can I travel on?

Any train

Any train

Any train

To London - Trains arriving at or after 1005 Monday to Friday. From London - Trains departing between 0901 and 1626 and at or after 1859 Monday to Friday. On Fridays, the outward portion of an Off-Peak ticket is valid on any train departing from London St Pancras International after 0901.

To London - Trains arriving at or after 1129 Monday to Friday and anytime on Saturday and Sunday. From London trains departing between 1026 and 1516 and at or after 1859 Monday to Friday and anytime on Saturday and Sunday.

Fancy a chat?

If you want to discuss your business travel requirements get in touch: 
01332 867 000 (option 4)

Source: Sheila's Wheels 2011


Onboard WiFi

Keep up to date and make the most of your time while on the move with our onboard WiFi.

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