Best Fare Finder

The Best Fare Finder compares tickets on different days and different times, highlighting the cheapest train tickets for your journey. You can also use Best Fare Finder to discover First Class tickets, too, so you can travel in style, for less. Its ideal for people looking for the cheapest train tickets!

If you can be flexible with your travel times and dates, you will find cheap train tickets are easy to find. 

Use the Best Fare Finder booking tool to this right of the page, with the stations you are travelling between and your preferred date of travel. Best Fare Finder will show you prices for your chosen date for your outward and return journey as well as days either side so you are able to select the Best Fare available. 

If you would like to travel in First Class, you are able to select this option too.

Best Fare Finder

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Can't find a station?

Can’t find your station?

We are only able to show the most popular routes and train tickets with Best Fare Finder. If your station isn’t included you can still get the best available pries through our normal booking process.