Your Tickets

Travel quickly and easily with our ticketing options

With tickets sent directly to your email, available on our app or on a smartcard, we’ve got a paperless ticketing option that’s right for you!

Which ticketing option is best for me?

Buy your tickets online and have them emailed straight to your inbox. You can scan the barcode directly from the PDF email attachment or download your ticket to the East Midlands Trains app.
For a little extra reassurance you can print the PDF ticket too.
A handy way for frequent travellers to carry your tickets securely on one card. Simply touch your Smartcard onto the Smartcard readers at the gates and off you go.


The benefits of using paperless tickets


 Skip the queues


Forest friendly 

 No need to leave the house early to collect your tickets!
Everything you need is on your phone.

Say bye-bye to worrying about lost tickets.
They're all saved on your phone (and you always know where that is!) 

 No more paper tickets means a happier environment!