Environmental Achievements

While we are extremely proud of the achievements towards reducing our environmental impact, we recognise that there is still work to do in order to maintain and improve our current environmental position.  To find out how we are currently working to reduce our environmental impact, take a look at our Sustainability Plan 2016-18

Throughout the East Midlands Trains franchise we are proud to have achieved the following in regards to our environmental impact:

Reducing our carbon footprint

  • Improvements in training for drivers on fuel-efficiency
  • Introduction of a new procedure to shut down engines at terminating stations where possible
  • Introduction of an energy saving mode on our high-speed Meridian trains
  • The installation of smart meters at key stations to monitor and report on our energy usage.
  • Reduction in gas use of 50% at Etches Park train depot
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Improved recycling

  • Increased recycling due to improvements in waste management and the introduction of public recycling facilities at our main stations late 2016.
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Being a responsible business

  • Re-certification of the East Midlands Trains Engineering function to the International Standard for Environmental Management ISO 14001
  • Launched a Charitable Support Guide to explain how we support communities and charities
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