East Midlands Trains is fully committed to becoming a sustainable train operator. We have reduced the impact of our operations on the environment, and we also carefully consider our interaction with society and the economy. That’s why our newly developed Sustainability Plan & Policy Statement reflect our current focus on all of these areas developed under the ‘Sustainable Development’ pillars.


Sustainability Plan

During 2015/16 we reviewed our strategic objectives regarding environmental management and sustainability and created new simple sustainability objectives for 2016-18 based around reducing our waste, becoming water wise, driving down carbon, improving energy efficient, being community conscious and supporting a stable economy.

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Sustainability Policy Statement

Take a look at our commitment to Sustainability including an outline as to how we will reduce our energy and environmental impacts.

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Environmental Achievements

Here at East Midlands Trains we have worked hard to reduce our impact on the environment since our franchise began in 2007 and as such have already made significant steps in reducing our impact on the environment.

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Supporting our communities

East Midlands Trains is proud to support its local communities, with a range of initiatives including: charity contributions; community partnerships; supporting volunteering and causes special to people within our business.

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Stagecoach Group's Sustainable Strategy

Find out how East Midlands Trains, along with Stagecoach, are reducing carbon emissions from their transport operations and read more about our goals for the future.

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Stagecoach Green Week

Every year East Midlands Trains takes part in Stagecoach's Green Week. The most recent event ran 30 May - 3 June 2016.

Green Week is an important part of the Stagecoach calendar. All Stagecoach owned train operating companies, buses and Sheffield's Supertram will be taking part so keep an eye out across the country for signs of Stagecoach's Green Week.

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