It's the Little Things

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Here at East Midlands Trains we don't make big claims that we're always perfect.

We know our services can get busy and sometimes things just don’t go to plan. But we want you to know that we listen to what you tell us, and we’re trying to improve things.

Let us introduce you to Charlotte. Tea, coffee or a tasty snack on your way home, our catering guru Charlotte's got it covered. She makes sure her team keep travellers' tummies full. She spends the weekend concocting delicious dishes for her biggest critics – her kids. 

Keen to see more of our mini team? 

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all ears

Need help outside of the 9 to 5? We're proud to offer common sense customer service around the clock. 

We have help points in every station and our customer service team are here to help you on the phone and Twitter 24/7.

To make it easier for you to talk to us, we've added feedback points at Leicester, Derby, Sheffield and Nottingham stations. Come and share your thoughts, good or bad, to help us improve.

We're all ears, so if something isn't quite right get in touch.

working on it

We're investing in our people, so when we don't get things quite right, let us know and we'll do what we can to make the journey better for you. We've invested over £100,000 in customer experience training for our front-line staff in 2017.

We've also upgraded our on board Wi-Fi and invested 1.2m in cycle hubs and facilities at stations. If you have any ideas or feedback on how we can improve further, we're all ears.

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