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It takes all areas of our business to provide you with a great service, take a look at some the roles below that you may not be aware of and how they help you receive great service.


Andy:Winner of Dispatcher of the Year

Andy and our dispatchers help to ensure your train departs on time while ensuring the safety of customers on the platform. Come a heatwave in summer or a cold winter's morning, our dispatchers are out on the platform whatever the weather to answer your questions, keep you safe and help your train to leave on time. They're committment to providing great service ensures they are alert from dawn 'til dusk and play a key role in the things that matter to you.


Sharon: Winner of Oustanding Contribution to the Community

It's not just customers at the Ticket Office that Sharon's beaming smile brings warmth to. Sharon is responsible for the creation of a school programme allowing children to learn more about the railway and receive a behind the scenes tour at a busy train station at no cost to the school. With local children at the heart of her drive, Sharon's enthusiasm has given many children the chance to ride a train for the first time, learn about safety and be inspired by the railway. Always delivering the tour with patience and a smile, Sharon is a great example of great service where you didn't even expect it.


Paul: Winner of Driver of the Year

As a driver Paul plays a key part in making sure you arrive safely and on time to your destination, yet most of the time you won't even know his name. Taking on the position of driver means early starts somedays and late finishes on others, but no matter the time our drivers make sure they arrive at the start of their day fully prepared to take you to where you want to go. Whether it's for an important business meeting or a romantic weekend away, our drivers know it's important to you so it's important to them and take huge pride in getting you to your destination safely and on time.


Yvonne: Winner of Senior Conductor of the Year

Yvonne and our other Senior Conductors have a busy role to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed on board our local routes while ensuring your safety is a priority. Whether it's a question about a connection, onward travel advice or a friendly conversation, Yvonne and our other Senior Conductors provide a friendly face and are only too happy to help. From first thing in the morning to the last train of the day, our Senior Conductors strive to provide an enjoyable journey for all our customers - no matter what the time of day. So while you're yawning during your commute or falling into a quick nap, keep an eye out for their warm greetings while you watch the scenery go by.


Gary: Winner of Revenue Protection Officer of the Year

Gary and the rest of our Revenue Protection Officers travel hundreds of miles across our network helping you travel with the right ticket. Although our Revenue Protection Offices are not immediately thought of as alongside great customer service they actually play an important part. Ensuring you and those who travel around you travel with the correct ticket ensures smoother journeys for all. Our Revenue Protection Officers understand there are genuine times when mistakes are made when travelling by train, so in instances of stress and confusion,they're happy to help you on your journey.