People Power

It takes great people to make great journeys

Across different departments and throughout our network, it takes great people to provide great service; from the familiar faces seen at stations and on board our services, to those working hard behind the scenes.  We want to celebrate the great service our team provide, which is why we've chosen five winners from our Great Service Awards 2014 to feature in stations around our network.  Just click on the links below to see how each of our highlighted areas help to provide you with great service.


Charlotte: Winner of Customer Service Centre Staff of the Year

Taking your queries by telephone, Facebook and Twitter, Charlotte and our Duty Information team are on hand to help you at every stage of your journey.


Kass: Winner of Outstanding Individual

Welcome Hosts greet thousands of passengers every day come rain or shine and are more than happy to help with any questions you may have.


Nicola: Winner of Customer Host of the Year

First Class Hosts are responsible for ensuring the comfort of hundreds of thousands of passengers each year, keeping you refreshed and relaxed until you reach your destination.


Paul: Winner of Depot Staff of the Year

Engineers help to maintain our trains every day with thousands of services and maintenance checks taking place every year.


Steve: Winner of Cleaner of the Year

Our cleaners help to ensure that your train arrives ready for departure each morning in sparkling condition.


More from People Power

It takes all areas of our business to provide you with a great service, take a look at some the roles that you may not be aware of and how they help you receive great service.

Interactive Cubes at Stations

Now that you understand how the areas highlighted above and the great people within them help to provide you with great service, why not keep an eye out around our network and see if you can see the little things they do that help to deliver great service?  Also if you're passing through our stations, take a look at our interactive cubes available at selected stations showcasing our great people.  You can also see our great people celebrated within lifts at certain stations as we elevate their great service.  

Elevating our Great People

Below are the stations featuring our celebratory lift signange to elevate our people, simply hover over the red dots to find out which stations feature our interactive cubes and which of our Great Service Awards Winners is featured at each station.