Donate As You Claim

Mind charity donation

When claiming a refund through our Delay Repay scheme, you have the option to donate this to charity.

Our latest partner is Mind, Mind provides information, support and guidance on mental health issues to communities within the UK. 1 in 4 people experience mental ill health at some point in their lives and Mind aims to ensure that no one has to face this alone.  To find out more click here

We hate to be late as much as you do, so our Delay Repay scheme is an easy way to claim compensation for any delays over 30 minutes. Donate as you claim offers the chance to make a postive difference with your refund.

This partnership with Mind will hopefully help turn an unfortunate situation into something hugely positive, having a very real impact on the lives of people who need support.

Just £10 could help us campaign for better support services, talking therapy and crisis care for people whose mental health is in crisis. 

A £21 donation could help our supportive online community Elefriends run for one hour, giving people the chance to get hugely valuable 'peer support'. 

And £39 could allow our Infoline call handlers to answer 5 calls from people, often in desperate need of support, helping them to find support and a way forward.

How to make your donation

To make a charitable donation, just select 'Charity' on your Delay Repay form and 100% of your refund will be donated to Mind.

You can continue to claim Delay Repay compensation either by Bacs (bank transfer), PayPal, cheque or rail travel vouchers).